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P. Emerson Williams. Musician, artist, illustrator, web mogul, chaos magick practitioner. Since the late 1980′s P. Emerson Williams has been making his mark in a world that is not often seen by the mainstream media. But through his incredible work ethic and vast amount of creative energies, as well as a knowledge of how to tap into the powers of the web, he is now able to reach across to his fans in a multi-medium fashion that has only become possible since the turn of the century.

P. Emerson Williams is truly a visionary multi-media artist. Delving in music, graphics, writing, and video. He is also the driving force behind the musick of Choronzon and Veil Of Thorns, as well as involvement in the band Kkoagulaa.

Williams is also the host of the monthly show NECROFUTURIST and cohost on the monthly show SATAN’S TASTEMAKERS on Alterati’s “Inside Scoop On The Outside Culture”.

Jarboe @ Lo-Fi 03.12.2013

(Source: youtube.com)

01: Immortality


Welcome to The Fake Future! I’m your host Lance Robotson. For this first episode of my fake internet radio show I am proud to be joined by my friend and co-host, Zaq Moser, the Iridescent Futurist. After introducing ourselves and talking a bit about what got us into futurism, we discuss the…

Modern Mythology: Myth Is A Mirror

“In early times, the legend goes, the world of mirrors and the world of humans were not separated as they would be later on. In those days specular beings and human beings were quite different from each other in color and form, though they mingled and lived in harmony.
In that time it was also possible to come and go through mirrors.
However, one night the mirror people invaded the earth without warning and chaos ensued. Indeed, human beings quickly realized that the mirror people were chaos. The power of the invaders was great, and it was only through the magic arts of the Yellow Emperor that they were defeated and driven back to their mirrors. To keep them there the emperor cast a spell that compelled the chaotic beings mechanically to repeat the actions and appearances of men. The emperor’s spell was strong but it would not be eternal, the legend says. The story predicts that one day the spell will weaken and the turbulent shapes in our mirrors will begin to stir. At first the difference between the mirror shapes and our familiar shapes will be unnoticeable. But little by little gestures will separate, colors and forms will transmogrify, and suddenly the long-imprisoned world of chaos will come boiling out into our own. Perhaps it is already here.” John Briggs & F. David Peat 

(Source: mythsandmedia)