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P. Emerson Williams. Musician, artist, illustrator, web mogul, chaos magick practitioner. Since the late 1980′s P. Emerson Williams has been making his mark in a world that is not often seen by the mainstream media. But through his incredible work ethic and vast amount of creative energies, as well as a knowledge of how to tap into the powers of the web, he is now able to reach across to his fans in a multi-medium fashion that has only become possible since the turn of the century.

P. Emerson Williams is truly a visionary multi-media artist. Delving in music, graphics, writing, and video. He is also the driving force behind the musick of Choronzon and Veil Of Thorns, as well as involvement in the band Kkoagulaa.

Williams is also the host of the monthly show NECROFUTURIST and cohost on the monthly show SATAN’S TASTEMAKERS on Alterati’s “Inside Scoop On The Outside Culture”.

The Pharmacy Radio Ep 20 - THE Mc5's WAYNE KRAMER .... by Mr.Pharmacist on Mixcloud

The new Venetian Snares — Hot Damn!!!! Pleasantly seizure-inducing.

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Grab your Key of Solomon and sing along. From 1990 and now on spotify.

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Yea, verily, I say unto you, the new Veil of Thorns album is now on Spotify. Eschaton & Celebration is a report from the other side, a narration of a non-euclidean future, a sigil of intent etched on the virtual epidermis of server farms of digital music services world wide and permeating them with its current.

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  • Artist: DJ Vrhovny
  • Track: #70 Necrofuturist Xeno-Electronics
  • Album: Electroschlag

[Demonology NF13]
Hive Mind Drones
Grave Knave
Veil of Thorns
Grave Knave
Veil of Thorns
Solar Sound System
Veil of Thorns
Solar Sound System

All music by P. Emerson Williams


P Emerson Williams - Dimensions Unknown

(Source: youtube.com)

Brand new release: Dark Matters by Dead Skull

The gnome hunt has brought TONTTU through a series of intertubes to the digital music services around the globe! our world just got a little safer.

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special Tumblr release of my short film Touch


Tanya Fear (Kick Ass 2) Alexis Rodney (Guardians Of The Galaxy) 

Watch it and share! Then get to know about my next collaboration with Tanya 


#afrofuturism #blackfilm #scifi 

Unveiling The Cover Art I Created For Ptahil - Born Against

Unveiling The Cover Art I Created For Ptahil – Born Against

The mighty PTAHILhave turned their CD Release Announcement & Cover Premier for their 3rd full-length release, Born Against. I had the distinct honour and enjoyment of creating the cover art for this momentous release, using imagery conjured directly from the abyssical sounds and lyrics. This is extreme metal as it should be played,…

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XENARCH on Spotify! The soundz of dim Carcosa, che bella cosa, che chitarre sporche…

Just added a bunch of albums to this playlist, which is all my releases on Spotify plus albums to which I contributed. Play on random to be taken down some strange corridors.

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Necrofuturist Transmission #57 the passage between worlds

Necrofuturist Transmission #57 the passage between worlds

If fears haunted latent second minds, all that horned adversary mythos and disguised emergency as a means to initiate a misguided series in memory carved from actions and necessitating only bound knowledge. The ghosts I trapped in my books could be bound together to make demons and risen to the might of gods. The pleasure cannibals mistook theory for rites they dreamed in errors blackest times.…

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Bob Mould With Helen Money

Here’s a performance from Bob Mould with the great Helen Money on cello on Letterman.  A very energizing performance of an excellent track from a great album.